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Let us scoop your dog's poop!

Welcome to Greener Dog

Every year in North America, 10.6 million tonnes of dog waste makes the journey from our yards, parks and green spaces into landfills. There, it goes on to produce all kinds of preventable environmental hazards and that’s just the 60% we pick up! The remainder is left to spoil public parks or even pollute water supplies. This seems like a monumental issue, but what can be done to solve the problem?

Greener Dog is the convenient, clean and ultimately cost effective solution to this age old conundrum. Our business is dealing with your dogs's business, as we collect waste from your yards, parks and green spaces and turn it into lovely, nutrient rich, compost. Not only can you be free from the tedious task of cleaning up after your dog, but you can rest assured, knowing that waste has been properly disposed of.


We know the joys of dog ownership, the love and companionship, the loyalty! Dog ownership is highly rewarding and full of positives. However, for all that love, there are some costs none of us like to pay - not least among is scooping the poop. Now imagine a world where you no longer have to do that. More...


Heads up municipalities! Use Greener dog to collect from your dog parks and green spaces. We strive to increase your already excellent poop and scoop programs by increasing compliance and diverting that waste stream from your increasingly costly to maintain and capacity constrained landfill sites. More...

Greener dog picks up dog poop